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Animation Talent Award 2013Animation Talent Award 2013

It starts with music

The animation talent award is a web-based short film competition that offers you the chance to earn a production budget and turn your ideas into an animated short film. It’s distinct focus on music and animation sets this contest apart.

The International Academy of Media and Arts (IAMA) as well as the partners of the competition express their thanks to all participants who produced and submitted their animated short films. Special thanks also to all supporters and fans who voted and donated money for the projects.

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How it works

  1. Register

    Take your chance and register for one of our premium slots at the animation talent award.


    The number of projects we can consider is limited to 100.

  2. It starts with music

    Music has an immense impact on the creation of films. It usually comes last in the production process. We change the rules and put the music first.


    You are free to choose from five musical pieces of different genres and styles. We are curious to see how your ideas come to life with the help of a selected song or composition.

  3. Your Idea

    You have selected your piece of music and come up with your initial idea about your short film project. We trust in your creativity and give you the artistic freedom to use the style that best serves your story.


    Your project must be at least 50% animation and should have the the potential to be turned into a real film.

  4. Present Your Concept

    You enter the competition with your concept not with a completed film. This too sets the animation talent award apart from other contests. It’s up to you how you convince the jury of your concept.


    You can submit descriptions of ideas, scribbles, storyboards or other forms of presentation. Hand in your concept any way you like via CD, DVD, e-mail, upload or snail mail. Deadline is June 2, 2013.

  5. TOP 10

    The first 100 concepts that arrive by due date in chronological order are evaluated by an expert jury.


    The TOP 10 projects will be presented on the animation talent award website as well as on the crowdfunding platform “startnext”. If you have made it to this level you also receive a price.

  6. Define your Budget

    Now the crowd makes the difference. Motivate your fans, family, friends, workmates and others to vote and donate to your idea at “startnext”. Your production budget will be at least 500,- € no matter how much money you collect via crowdfunding.


    However, the three most voted on projects earn another price. The winner of the voting will not only receive the collected money but an additional production budget sponsored by ARTE Creative. To receive any of the money you have to produce your film!

  7. Production of the Top 10 Projects

    If you got this far you showed successfully that you are able to survive in the business. Now you have the most important step ahead of you.


    You produce the animated short based on the concept presented on our website and the "startnext" platform. The submission deadline for your film is November 30, 2013.

  8. Evaluation of Short Films and Award

    All 10 of the produced short films will be evaluated by a jury of experts. The winner of the animation talent award 2013 receives the award as well as further prizes.


    The winning project as well as the other 9 finalist projects will be presented to the public. Thanks to our partner ARTE Creative the projects will be also presented at ARTE Creative.

Choose your soundtrack

  1. AC Vibes

    AC Vibes are a Guitar ’n’ Drum duo based in Dresden (Germany). Michael Gabriel, originally from Glasgow (UK) and now living for many years in Germany, teamed up with Jenny Moltmann to do a guitar'n'beat thing. At the moment the band are playing around in the area of North/ East Germany while working on recording their first longplay CD “Fiction State” which will be released this Autumn.

    • AC Vibes | Photo One
    • AC Vibes | Photo Two
    • AC Vibes | Photo Three
    • AC Vibes | Photo Four
    • AC Vibes | Photo Five
  2. Alan Doherty

    Alan Doherty is one of the most identifiable and respected flute-players in Irish music. He is widely recognized as a lead soloist on the “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack and for his time with the band Gráda, which he cofounded. There is an improvisation element to Alan’s playing that has also earned him fans in other genres, including jazz and bluegrass. Now living in Germany, Alan is a founder member of the first folk-music school in Halle (Saale).

    • Alan Doherty | Photo One
    • Alan Doherty | Photo Two
    • Alan Doherty | Photo Three
    • Alan Doherty | Photo Three
  3. Scott Joplin

    • TitleMaple Leaf Rag
    • CategoryRagtime, Early Jazz

    Scott Joplin is known as “The King of Ragtime”. He was an influential African-American pianist and composer. Born in the late 1860s in Texas (USA), he published his first ragtime music in his late 20s/ early 30s and influenced this genre immensely.

    • Scott Joplin
  4. Tonbandgerät

    Tonbandgerät are the winners of the New Music Award 2012. Ole (vocals), Isa (bass), Sophia (guitar) and Jakob (drums) are based in Hamburg (Germany) and joined forces in their musical careers three years ago. They have opened for German bands Bosse and Silly and will release their first studio album in 2013.

    „Auf Drei“ is a song about euphoria and throw offs. It's about awakening from utopia and daydreams and there are fireworks just about to start. Its a song about all the things that you want to become real and you know they'll never will but you still keep believing.

    • Tonbandgerät | Photo One
    • Tonbandgerät | Photo Two
    • Tonbandgerät | Photo Three
  5. Boris Nonte

    Boris Nonte is on the cutting edge of film & television, having branded some of the biggest campaigns world-wide (The Avengers, Prometheus, Avatar and Twilight, Dancing With The Stars a. o.). Those who know him would agree that he is a rare breed – one of the few that can be as comfortable with epic action music as with light emotional and eclectic themes. For many years, Boris has teamed up with Los Angeles-based writing partner and producer Gregg Lehrman (former assistant for Hans Zimmer, Remote Control). Boris currently resides in Berlin (Germany).

    About "Kindle": This is one of my few pieces I have made up in just a few minutes while playing the piano. The topic is “Miracles & Inspiration”. Motivating, reflecting sounds. Playful and dreamy. A little dance through time. Somewhat melancholic as well as positively touching at the same time.

    • Boris Nonte | Photo One
    • Boris Nonte | Photo Two
    • Boris Nonte | Photo Three

Animated short films


by Pedro Resende, Helene Comeositos, Carlos Quesada

It's a STORY about... IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY ! In the middle of a class, a boy shares a drawing with his desk mate, a girl. That will make them escape to an imaginarium world that will be an adventure of their own! But they get into trouble with their teacher and this is the moment where…

Please Turn Over

Animated short film by Thomas Barth and Dan Templeton

Preparing for its big day, an audio cassette tape finds itself in a world dominated by 'I-potts'. After many hard attempts it manages to prove it can still have its place and function. The idea for the short film was inspired by the music of Scott Joplin. The clear structure of his famous ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ is reflected in the events of the story.

Music: Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin


by Shreyom Ghosh (India), David Huang (South Africa), Mariel Sayuno (Philippines)

Datsuzoku is a film about a girl who wants to escape from daily routine or the ordinary but is held back constantly by her parents and the society. Contrary to the title, she finds that she cannot, as we see in the modern day world. It's a story about her dreams and how they come crashing down in reality. She finds out what fake happiness is.

Music: Boris Nonte (boris-nonte.com)

All short films were produced within the ANIMATION TALENT AWARD 2013 - animationtalentaward.com.



    By Pedro Resende, Portugal (Music: Boris Nonte)
    Besides the aquired financial support via "startnext" the project will get an additional production budget of 2.500 € provided by our partner ARTE Creative, an unlimited version of an annual subscription of ADOBE's Creative Cloud and a new WACOM Inkling!


    By Ilinca Höpfner, Germany (Music: AC VIBES)
    Besides the aquired financial support via "startnext" the project will get an unlimited version of an annual subscription of ADOBE's Creative Cloud and a new WACOM Inkling!


    By Tom Barth, Germany and Daniel Templeton, UK (Music: Scott Joplin)
    Besides the aquired financial support via "startnext" the project will get an unlimited version of an annual subscription of ADOBE's Creative Cloud and a new WACOM Inkling!

Top Ten concepts



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